quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2012

Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX2012!

Galera,  vejam nos links abaixo que temos disponível vários vídeos sobre o AX2012, vídeos realmente interessantes!

Video1 - Developer Tools- Stresses the importance of Models
- API's
- Interoperability with .Net
- 3 yrs spent by Microsoft for the new Development Tools

Video 2 - Services and AIF
- Heavy investment in Services
- Mobile applications can plug in to the service model
- 90 webservices
- Simplified and Powerful Integration

Video 3 - Reporting
- Integration with Excel

Video 4 - Office Integration
- Collabration across Office, AX and Visual Studio
- Demo (Budget)

Video 5 - Usability
- End-User Simplicity
- Recruited people from the industry to test the usability scenarios
- Field Surveys
- Demo AR Customers/SO's (Fact boxes)
- Consolidate Commands into Flexible Activity based Ribbons (Similar Look and feel as Excel, Word)
- Fast tabs
- "Go to Main Table" replaced by hyperlink lookups (cool feature)

Video 6 - Enterprise Portal
 - Rich UI
 - Travel Expense Demo
 - Microsoft internal adoption (aka DogFooding)
 - ISV's interested to build on new add'ons for EP

Video 7 - Performance
- 20 x times faster than 2009
- Managed X++
- Leverages Virtualization
- Leverages AppFabric

Video 8 - Programmability
-Improvements in X++ Language
-Improvements in Language Performance
-Visual IDE and MorphX IDE
-Marrying C# and X++
-X++ managed language
-AOT in VS.Net

Video 9 - Security
-Improved Administration Experience for setting up Security
-Flexible Authentication (Leverages Claim Based Authentication from Sharepoint)

Video 10 - Simplicity
- Experiences for Developers, Administrators and End Users made simple
- For Developers - Goal to enrich .net and x++ developers experience
- Installation experience for Developer improved (Single Click Experience)
- Simplicity for System Administrators
- Good Feedback from Partner and Customer Channel

Video 11 - Processes and Workflow
-Graphical workflow Editor for Business Users and Application Developers
-Leverages Wofklow Foundation of .Net 4.0
-Flexible Work Item Queues
-60 Workflow Types out of the box

Video 12 - Organizational Model
-Model for External and Internal Reporting
-Policy Frameworks

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